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Great leadership through facilitation – Part 1

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Become a great leader, by using techniques and principles taken from the Professional Business Facilitators.

Facilitation is all about making it easy to create results, and to create better results. This is also what we expect from the modern leaders in organizations all around the world.

In highlights a leader with a facilitative style will create great results by:

  • Creating the best possible setup for the team/organization to work in, so that each and everyone can bring their knowledge, competence and skills into play in a way that create the best possible results
  • Working with the climate for cooperation because it is essential for the quality of the results and the following support in the organization to implement the result
  • Increasing happiness at work by having people working together as real teams where everyone is involved and engaged
  • Ensuring clarity of goals, roles / responsibilities / competences, expectations and use of the results created

The facilitative leader is aware of where the groups/individuals energy is spend. The trick is to get most energy in solving the actual task. (see drawing below)

Fundamental basic assumption about people

Facilitative Leaders shares the same fundamental basic assumptions about peoplecollaboration and results generated in groups

The Facilitative Leaders believes that participants’ cooperationinvolvement and interaction ensure diversity, builds consensus and produces meaningful results

The Facilitative Leaders gets the best out of each member’s contribution, knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes in relation to the objectives and the time available

The Facilitative Leaders provides valuable benefits by providing the best possible cooperation framework under which the desired result naturally arises. They guide the group without putting themself at the center. They act as objective and fair. They put their personal opinions and attitudes aside and support the group’s right to make their own choices

Part of a series of blog posts

To celebrate that LinkedIn now offers long-form posts for ”normal people” like me. I have decided to write a new series of posts on my favorite topics, Facilitation and Leadership. Each of the posts will take a deep dive into some of the specific elements mentioned above, and I will properly go even further.

I have committed myself to write a new post in the series once every other week.

I hope that you will find these posts inspiring and usable in your daily work. And I would love to hear about your comments to my thoughts.

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